“Melodies of my memories”, An Art Exhibition at Gallery M, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.

Living in a contemporary society that is culturally diverse and rapidly changing means it is important to reflect and embrace these changes. However, the global village absorbs our past and erases our memories by the means of new technology. Still, some people never forget their roots.

Public associationThe Union of Creative Forces” (UCF) carried out a solo exhibition, called “Melodies of my memories”, by Sansyz Mirziraimov, a member of the Union of Artists of Kyrgyz Republic.

The exhibition presented over 30 artworks, painted in avant-garde style, within the period from 2006 to 2009. All of them, directly or indirectly, reflect the theme of homeland, what is called “my home, my block, my neighborhood, my native landscape”…

Sansyz Mirziraimov was born in Kok-Debe village of Djalal-Abad region, Ak-Syi vicinity. After school, in 1999, he entered the S.A Chuikov State art college, easel painting department. In 2003, he successfully finished it. From 2005, he participates in republican and international exhibitions. He is a member of the Union of Artists of Kyrgyz Republic from 2007. More than one hundred of his works are in private collections in Russia, Kazakhstan, France, Germany, Romania, Turkey, Canada and the United States of America.

Representatives from business community, embassies and the art world attended the event. During the exhibition, the audience was mesmerized by the unique perspective, display and interpretation of the South region and southern environment. Sansyz, as nobody else, manages the canvas’ surface in his own peculiar color decision, exactly what attracted everybody at once. The bright, saturated colors may be changed with very fine transitions and complicated combinations of color shades, making up wonderfully balanced and harmonic pictures. While observing his artistic search and experiments, you notice that all of his pictures are from the world of childhood and adolescence, which stirs up the painful feeling of nostalgia at any age.

Everything he has seen and remembers, everything, he has been told by elder people, which has stricken his imagination – we can find in his paintings. “We shall see and feel in them not only the varicolored oriental color but also so much lyricism, so much personal feelings and emotional experience, affecting recollections and thoughts, that we shall not have any doubt even for a second about their importance, trustworthiness and rightness,” – shares her opinion, the curator of the exhibition, vice-president of UCF, Jildiz Kudaibergen.

It is worth to name some of his paintings, such as “Melody of women’s’ destiny”, “Melody from the past”, “A singing boy”, “Feast from the East”, “Song of a pilgrim” in order to understand how much music from his heart is concealed in them.

There is a saying that “Museums and galleries are safe places for unsafe material”, well, Gallery M is a safe place and Sansyz’s artworks speak for themselves.

An Art Exhibition at Gallery MAn Art Exhibition at Gallery MAn Art Exhibition at Gallery M


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