The modern Kazakhstan is a country with a rapidly growing economy, a stable political system and a unique culture. During its 550 years of established statehood history, the country has played a key role in implementing the main geopolitical mission – assistance in integration and formation of a common space of peace and creativeness in the Great Steppe. Over the years of independence, Kazakhstan has seen unparalleled progress, having become an example of stable growth and stability. Today, Kazakhstan has taken a centre stage as a dynamic leader in the Eurasian region. The country is a home for over 100 various ethnic groups, it contributes
to expansion of inter-religious dialogue, as well as playing a key role in ensuring regional and global security.

Kazakhstan is a real must visit place with wonderful places. It boasts emerald green pine forests and miles of big canyons. The mountains host a variety of adventures in every season from skiing, snowboarding, and skating to hiking, riding and camping. Apart from varied and stunning natural beauty, the country also boasts its vibrant cities and rich traditions.

Kazakhstan is on its way to establish a strong, transparent and accountable state are based on the common national idea – ‘Mangilik El’ (Eternal Nation), which serves as a powerful basis for building a new Kazakhstan in the 21st century.