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You would be forgiven for missing the tiny landlocked country of Kyrgyzstan on the map. Meshed into Central Asia’s inter-locking web of former Soviet Union boundaries, this mountainous country still has more horses than cars. It never fails to surprise and delight all who visit. Proud of its nomadic traditions, dating back to the days of the Silk Road, be prepared for Kyrgyzstan’s overwhelming welcome of hospitality, received, perhaps, in a shepherd’s yurt out on the summer pastures. Drink bowls of freshly fermented mare’s milk with newfound friends and let the country’s traditions take you into their heart. Marvel at the country’s icy glaciers, crystal clear lakes and dramatic gorges set beneath the pearly white Tien Shan mountains that shimmer, heaven-like, in the summer haze as the last of the winter snows caps their dominating peaks. Immerse yourself in Central Asia’s jewel with its unique experiences and you will leave with a renewed zest for life and an unforgettable sense of just how man and nature can interact in harmony. Discovery Magazine’s colourful new title, exploring the 100 essential experiences of Kyrgyzstan covers everything from its cities to culture, horse games to holidays and authors to yurts. Told through personal experiences written by locals, each vignette brings the reader closer to understanding and interacting with one of Central Asia’s most endearing and historic cultures. Nothing better prepares the reader for what to expect from Kyrgyzstan’s nature or people, nor celebrates the unique heritage left from thousands of years of Silk Road history. This publication, filled with stunning photography, brings out the exhilarating flavours of the country’s foods, spectacular scenery and warm-hearted people and delivers the urge to return time and time again and discover more of this wonderful corner of Central Asia.

This book size 150 x 160mm, comes with box sleeve, great present idea for your friends and colleagues.

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Ian Claytor (Author), Nick Rowan (Editor)