2011 Asian Winter Games

2011 Asian Winter GamesThe 7th Asian Winter Games will be held in Astana and Almaty, Kazakhstan in 2011. The documents for the hosting city were signed in Kuwait on January 5, 2006.

The Government of Kazakhstan plans to allocate US$726 million in the 2008 budget for construction and renovation of the sports facilities for the games, including the Medeoskating and bandy rink and the Shymbulak skating area to the south east of the city. Timur Dosymbetov is the Director General of the 2011 Asian Games Executive Body.

The games are considered good experience in hosting for the city of Almaty.

“The reconstruction of the Palace of Sport named after B.Sholak is accomplished for 95%”, Director of the Palace Yuriy Zakharin has said today during the visit of the Kazakh President to the Palace.

Y.Zakharin reminded that international volleyball tournament “The Cup of President N.Nazarbayev” has been held in the Palace recently. “This was a test event. We tested the equipment and made notes of everything that was to be done”, the Director said.

Y.Zakharin said that the President announced that the closing ceremony of the Winter Asian Games 2011 would be held in Almaty.