25 years of Kazakhstan’s independence

This year Kazakhstan will celebrate 25 years of its own independence. A quarter of a century – a period small, and sometimes it seems that today Kazakhstan could be better. Skeptics will say so, but each of those who live here are now so once thought about the fact that things could be worse. Much examples. Perhaps the main project, given the country’s independence and its leader – the new city, rebuilt in record time and became really the center of attraction. Astana was chosen largely because of its geographical location in the heart of the state, combining not only the ideal transport hub, but also the potential of urbanization in the region. The population of less than 20 years have passed for a million. Economically, Astana have not retsepient budget money. Politically, the new kazakh capital has learned not only cause short-term enthusiasm, but serious respect. And perhaps most importantly, Astana – has become synonymous of Kazakhstan as a separate, independent player on the world stage.


Another aspect – the international image. This, too, Kazakhstan succeeded. Now it is not only venue for prestigious forums and summits, such as the OSCE, but also honored peacekeeper, remember several rounds of talks on Syria and Iran, held in this country. Well, the crown, the confirmation status of the state of world renown was the recent election of Kazakhstan as a non-permanent UN Security Council member. And of course, these achievements may seem not very important for the citizens themselves. After all, everyone comes from ourselves as a reference point: what exactly changed for me over these 25 years? And history has something to say. Let’s start with the basics – basic economic indicators, which in principle, assessed the viability of the state, and hence the standard of living of the citizens of this country.

In 1992 the country’s hyperinflation passing the threshold of 2,500%. In 1993 this level has already decreased to 60%, which is still too much. By the year 2000 the authorities thanks to balanced monetary policy managed to do to curb this figure to 9.8%. Today the importance of social and economic concern of the government the president of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev aims to maintain inflation in the range of 6-8%. Is not the difference? With gross domestic product about the same situation in 1993, the figure was -9.2. In 2013 – 6%. Yes, living conditions and today is not the easiest, but few of those who are the driving force of the state remember in my lifetime kilometer queue for scarce commodity.

The traditional sectors of the economy: agriculture, oil production, etc. over the years have now processing and construction. There is own know-how, even in industries such as IT-technologies and communications. Of course, no one says that Kazakhstan already at the level of Japan or South Korea, but one agrees these countries also not in 10 years reached a peak.

Separately, perhaps it is worth mentioning a real breakthrough in high technology. For the first time since the founding of the cosmodrome «Baikonur» Kazakhstan specialists have started to work on the launch pad. The citizens of this country after studying now will work in the heart of the world-famous Baikonur. Another ambitious project – the development of the uranium industry. Kazakhstan plans to build a full nuclear cycle chain and not just to produce and sell the precious metal.

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On the other hand social indicators are not just dry statistics but real facts: an abundance of shopping and entertainment centers and the shift of preferences of Kazakhstan from fermentation in the markets in the classical sense to the loaded trolleys in the supermarket too is not just a spirit of the times as a litmus test ratio income to the level of life. Another thing is the abundance of these most shelves and not only foreign products the delivery chain that is quite simple: buy-sell but also domestic products. From the usual bread to locomotives, which are collected for several years in the country. At the same time, buyers often addiction – in favor of products Made in Kazakhstan. And one must admit that the years of repression are long gone but because each customer is free to decide for itself the supermarket whose milk production buy it. Moreover, it applies to such complex mechanisms, such as cars. Do you know that according to statistics, as of today, every third citizen of Kazakhstan acquires of domestic cars assembly. Yes, in the merit of lending, or rather a system of soft loans on these brands. But in the banks give out loans for any purpose.

For 25 years Kazakhstan has not yet become the member of prestigious G20 but everyone who is part of this association knows that this country exists. And the state itself has long been considered one of the most advanced in the Central Asian region. And the leader of the country Nursultan Nazarbayev personally builds a system of modern Kazakhstan. Since first attracting money into the unknown economy with hyperinflation and terrifying levels of unemployment to a non-permanent UN Security Council member and the world’s first State to voluntarily renounce nuclear weapons. And so far, the reforms that thinks the president of Kazakhstan ahead of time will be relevant in 20 years like the idea of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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