3rd International Festival “Turkmenistan – the land of change”

Today, near Ashgabat, opens the 3rd traditional festival “Turkmenistan – the land of change”. To participate in this event, Turkmen families from the Russian Federation, Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan, Germany, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan came to their historical homeland.

During four days in the village of Ak Bugdai, an improvised Turkmen village with bright yurts, guests from abroad from all five regions of Turkmenistan, they will prepare dishes of Turkmen cuisine, demonstrate national rituals, handicrafts, crafts, and make creative presentations, play music, sing songs and dance.

The festival, organized by the Humanitarian Association of World of Turkmen, the Ministry of Culture and Broadcasting of Turkmenistan and the local administrative Akhal province, aims to highlight the commonality of cultures, traditions and historical destinies of nations residing in different parts of the world of Representatives of the Turkmen people, who now had the opportunity to liaise closely with the historical homeland.

For overseas compatriots a rich cultural program will be organized, that includes familiarity with the expositions of the largest museums in the country, sights of the Turkmen capital and its environs.