5th Anniversary Turkmenistan Investment Forum, TIF 2013

17 – 18 October 2013

Ashgabat Exhibition Palace, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan



Register Online @ http://www.turkmenistaninvest.com/conference-delegate-booking-form



The organising committee is providing visa support to all registered participants. 



Economic Development of Turkmenistan


Annamuhammet Gochiyev, Deputy Chairman for Economy & Finance, Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

Akmurad Yegeleyev, Deputy Chairman for Transport & Communication, Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

Baymyrad Hojamuhamedov, Deputy Chairman for Oil & Gas, Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

Sapardurdy Toiliyev, Deputy Chairman for Education, Health, Science, Religious Affairs & Tourism, Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan

Babamyrat Taganov, Minister of Economy and Development of Turkmenistan

Gurbanmyrat Mezilov, President of the Academy of Science of Turkmenistan


TransTurkmenistan Forum – Developing Turkmenistan’s Transportation Infrastructure – Road, Rail, Air, Sea and River


Bayram Annameredov, Minister of Railways of Turkmenistan

Mele Gurbandurdyyev, Minister of Road Transport of Turkmenistan

Rustam Kutlyev, Chairman of State Service for Sea and River Transport of Turkmenistan

Merdan Ayazov, Chairman of Turkmenistan Airlines


Sport & Tourism Turkmenistan Forum – Developing Turkmenistan’s Sport & Tourism Infrastructure


Palvan Taganov, Chairman, National Committee for Tourism of Turkmenistan

Batyr Orazov, Chairman of National Committee for Sport of Turkmenistan


Energy Turkmenistan Forum – Energy Industry as a catalyst for Turkmenistan’s economic development


Yagshigeldy Kakaev, Chairman, State Agency for Management and Use of Hydrocarbon Resources under the President of Turkmenistan

Kakageldy Abdyllayev, Chairman, National Gas Company of Turkmenistan, TurkmenGas

Redzhepgeldi Ilamanov, Chairman, National Oil Company, TurkmenOil

Atadurdy Berdiniyazov, Chairman, National Geological Corporation, TurkmenGeology

Myrad Artykov, Minister of Energy of Turkmenistan


City Build Turkmenistan – Building a nation. Developing Turkmenistan’s Regions, Cities and Towns


Jumageldi Bayramov, Minister of Construction of Turkmenistan

Bairamgeldy Ovezov, Minister of Communications of Turkmenistan


Healthcare Turkmenistan – Infrastructure and Technology for the healthcare sector


Gurbanmammet Elyasov, Minister of Health & Medical Industry of Turkmenistan


Banktech Turkmenistan – Technology for the financial sector


Tuvakmammet Japarov, Chairman, Central Bank of Turkmenistan

Rahimberdy Jepbarov, Chairman of National Bank for Foreign Economic Activity of Turkmenistan


Doing Business in Turkmenistan – Legal, Taxation, Insurance, Employment, Customs


Amanbibi Amanmedova, Director General, State Insurance Company of Turkmenistan

Alexander Dadayev, Chairman of Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan

Mergen Shalyev, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan


Manufacturing – Developing Turkmenistan’s Manufacturing Sector – Construction Materials, Textiles, Chemicals


Saparmyrat Orazmyradov, Acting Minister of Industry of Turkmenistan

Meret Balakayev, Chairman, National Petrochemicals Company, TurkmenChemistry

Saparmyrat Batyrov, Minister of Textile Industry of Turkmenistan


Pa&Co International confirms Gold Sponsorship of TIF 2013

The organising committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Pa&Co International for their continued support.

TIF 2013 is sponsored by:

Gold Sponsor:                         Pa&Co International

Silver Sponsor:                       Dragon Oil

Bronze Sponsors:                   INTEK, Talgo

Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsorships are available. For further information please contact natalia@turkmenistaninvest.com

Accommodation during TIF 2013

The organising committee has appointed the Hotel Oguzkent, President Hotel, Grand Turkmen Hotel and the Ak Altyn Hotel as the official hotels for the conference and negotiated preferential rates for TIF participants. If you wish to stay in any of the official hotels we recommend that you reserve your room immediately. Please contact the event travel manager Yuliya Shelepova by email ys@summittradeevents.com

For further information please contact

Natalia Larina

Summit Trade Events Ltd

Tel: + [44] (0) 207 328 8899


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