5th International UNWTO Conference in Samarkand, Uzbekistan

5th International UNWTO Conference in Samarkand, UzbekistanThe international tourist community will meet in Samarkand, in October of this year, to discuss the development of cultural tourism.
Last Friday, the press service of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has distributed a note, which called on the international tourist community to actively participate in the 5th international meeting on development of tourism along the Silk Road, which will be held in Samarkand October 8-9, 2010. As previously reported, the idea of holding the next world tourism forum under the auspices of the UNWTO has been supported by the leadership of Uzbekistan.
It is expected that this important event in the world will be attended by tourism administrations of the Silk Road, private travel industries, aviation, financial and education sectors, NGOs, academics, experts and journalists.
According to a UNWTO press release, currently under active consideration for preparation and holding of meetings, a program of forum threads meetings and roundtable discussions.
Issues to be discussed this year in Samarkand are: the effectiveness of marketing strategies and communications to promote the brand’s “Silk Road”, the development of partnerships between the countries lying on this legendary trade route, the simplification of formalities of tourism, increasing economic, social and cultural factors in the development of world and regional tourism.
For two days, the world community will discuss several issues, which consist of four sessions – “Silk Road brand: Challenges and opportunities, increase its value”, “Strengthening regional cooperation and contacts on the Silk Road “,” Brand “Silk Road” developing infrastructure and attracting investment, “Effective product development and management TourCenter.
During the meeting, planned for an interactive seminar TOURCOM on development of communications in the field of tourism between tourist destinations and areas of the Silk Road.
In this regard, it should be noted that the role and significance of Uzbekistan in the international project of development of tourism along the Silk Road can not be overemphasized. This solidarity and world tourist community, setting the status of Samarkand “Heart of the Silk Road” and adopted the famous “Samarkand Declaration” to promote tourism on this legendary trade route.
This is guided by the World Tourism Organization and the UN, first establishing in 1995, annual Tashkent International Tourism Fair, and then in 2004 opened in Samarkand, the Office of Support for the implementation of a unique nature and scope of the transcontinental project to promote tourism on the Great Silk Road.
The expert community believes that the consistent position of Uzbekistan on cooperation with the tourism administrations of countries united by the product of the Silk Road, after the meeting in Samarkand will be filled with new meaning and practical content.
Today more than ever, it is clear that the uniqueness and cultural diversity of the region of the Silk Road is a factor in increased international tourism, strengthening of public-private tourism partnership and regional stability.
Most likely, this is the thought leadership of the UNWTO, when earlier this year decided to incorporate in its structure a new department to coordinate this unique project, led by an experienced and well known in our country, responsible official UNWTO Alla Peresolova.
Fresh Breath Silk necessarily fill the tourist artery – the new routes as travelers from the West to East, who as traders and explorers of antiquity, in its motion by the legendary transcontinental highway has always aspired to its very essence, the heart – the ancient Samarkand.