Lenifer Mambetova “My Homeland, Oh My Crimea”


Themes, so stated, clearly explored in my own work and unexpectedly shared by the remarkable poetess Lennifer Mambetova. In which case, introducing My Homeland, Oh My Crimea in its first English language edition is not simply an honour, but equally a reminder of our common human concerns. Moreover, as the first Crimean-Tartar poetry collection ever published in the English-speaking world, it is an extremely rare privilege to represent her work to my countrymen. Certainly, Lennifer’s terse and highly evocative style will delight new readerships. Reminding them through politicized image and lamenting symbol that writer’s “learn” prose, although they “express” poetry. The latter being an act of healing, along with the possibility of genuine transcendence.

All in all, I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone interested in listening to one of the leading versifiers from Central Asia translated into our native tongue.
—David Parry

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