A unique expedition along the Silk Road

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The grandiose expedition along the Silk Road by SUVs and motorcycles is planned for August this year. The organizers are the Russian representatives with partners from moto- and car- communities: MOTOCITIZEN and Land Rover CLUB Russia.  A lot of associates are about to join the expedition, which has no analogs today.

All participants of the expedition will act as pioneers of the modern Silk Road. They will pass boss main variants of this direction: the North and the South, in a uniform circular route with a general extent about 35 000 km. The expedition is connected with the study of the mysteries of the ancient caravan track connecting Asia and Europe, the cultural, commercial and scientific ties of Civilizations of Central Asia and Europe.

It will be a historical and geographical, scientific and educational project, where not only people, but also equipment will be checked in the best traditions of Indiana Jones. You will have to overcome the enormous distances and to set a height record by motorcycles and SUVs. No wonder that participants of the International tourist expedition “The Great Silk Road 2015” intend to take part in this expedition.

Политическая карта

Expedition along the Silk Road includes:

  • Passing of 24 countries, more than 108 cities – in 67 days;
  • Great Wall;
  • The mountain passes, deserts, snow-white beaches and the real jungle;
  • Height more than 4000 m;
  • Remote mountain lakes
  • Differences of temperatures from -20 to +30

Participants are representatives of two different communities – motorcyclists and motorists understanding that travelling is incredibly cool! The group consists of more than 100 participants with more than 15 cars and 20 motorcycles. On the route of extraordinary beauty there will be old friends and new acquaintances that will be fastened by spirit of mutual aid and freedom.

You can join the expedition on any stage

The general route includes passing across the territory of the following countries and the republics: Russia · Kazakhstan · China · Laos · Cambodia · Thailand · Malaysia · Myanmar · Butane · Nepal · India · Pakistan · Iran · Turkey · Bulgaria · Serbia · Croatia · Italy · France · Great Britain · Germany · Poland · Belarus · Russia

You can join the grandiose expedition at any stage in Russia, China, India and Europe.


Moscow – Astana (Kazakhstan) – Beijing (China)

Extent – 7768 km, it takes 16+1 days with passing of 18 objects of UNESCO.

  1. CHINA

Beijing – Katmandu (India)

Extent – 6918 km, it takes 13+1 days with passing of 12 objects of UNESCO.


Katmandu – Delhi – Iran (Teheran)

Extent – 8800 km, it takes 21 days with passing of 21 objects of UNESCO.


Edirne (Turkey) – Paris (France) – MOSCOW

Extent – 7491 km, it takes 25 days with passing of 21 objects of UNESCO.

Nobody has passed this route. Moreover, nobody has gone to an expedition with such composition of people!

Mission and purposes of the expedition

Mission of the expedition is actual more than ever:  to become an example for all people and to demonstrate that borders and barriers aren’t important for the world and friendship. Besides it propagandizes the international tourism and rediscovers the forgotten route. Organizers have decided to prove that the Great Silk Road should be used for tourism and commercial relations between countries. It is an excellent opportunity to acquaint the countries of the Great Silk Road with the Russian culture.

In its turn beauty and rich culture of East and South-East Asia will be opened to the Russians. The attention of the audience will be drawn to a role of geodesy and cartography in the modern satellite technologies based on GLONASS system.

The purpose of expedition is to create a cultural exchange between Russia and India. Today the large-scale cultural exchange between the states is being planned where the team of the expedition is ready to promote with great pleasure and extra care. This trip will help strengthen friendship and cultural relations between these countries.

At the same time expedition will check technical capabilities of international auto- and moto- travel. Thus the analysis and the description of conditions of the objects of the world heritage which are included in the expedition route will be carried out.

The equipment of the project

  • Advertising coverage of expedition – more than 60 million people.
  • The documentary about expedition.
  • Meetings with officials, meetings with diplomatic missions, the publication in printing and online media in each country during the route.
  • More than 5 000 professional photos.
  • More than 10 000 mentions in mass media and the blogosphere.
  • More than 30 reports and interviews on television.

Expedition will be dated for two anniversaries: the 40th anniversary of Honda Gold Wing and the 60th anniversary of the first expedition Land Rover from Europe to Asia. The organizers are confident that an upcoming event is a noble grandiose plan which is going to benefit everyone who is going be involved in it. Therefore, anyone who feels the strength and enthusiasm can join the mysteries of the Great Silk Road!