Afghan Border Police Officers complete OSCE Patrol Leadership Course


DUSHANBE, 16 May 2014 – Twenty officers from the Afghan Border Police completed today a five-week training course on patrolling and leadership organized by the OSCE Office in Tajikistan. 

Most of the graduates ranked between warrant officer and major coming from border detachments at the Afghan/Tajik border. During the course, they learned how to plan and conduct observation missions with the use of topographical maps, satellite imagery and other tools, developed patrol planning and management techniques, and improved their skills in reporting and analysis, mountaineering and first aid in the field.

Mr. Hans Peter Larsen, Deputy Head of the OSCE Office in Tajikistan congratulated the officers on completing the course, saying: “OSCE is helping improvement of the professionalism and skills of Afghan and Tajik border guards under the Patrol Programming and Leadership Project by focusing on providing high quality training”.

The course is the twelfth to be held with the aim of enhancing the capacities of Tajik and Afghan border staff in detection and interdiction of illegal cross-border movements.

Also attending the ceremony were representatives of the Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan and the Main Directorate of Border Troops of the State Committee on National Security of Tajikistan.

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