Afghanistan Oil Conference. September 24-25, Dubai, UAE


Afghanistan is changing and with the changes come opportunities.

In recent years there has been more and more positive news regarding the development of Afghanistan’s economy, and nowhere more so than in the energy sector. Security concerns are being addressed and strong business relationships are already starting to be built. Today, the country is no longer solely dependent on external sources to satisfy its fuel consumption, but is also starting to use its own energy resources; developing oil and gas production, transport infrastructure, trading and preparing for participation in international projects. The world community, in turn, is ready to provide full support to strengthen state control over the fuel and energy complex, attract investment and ensue the transparency of regulations governing the participation of national and foreign companies in the energy industries.

International Business House and Energy Pro have combined their expertise to prepare the AFGHANISTAN OIL CONFERENCE which will contribute to the improvement of the investment climate and explore the energy sector of Afghanistan.

It will be the first event to bring together government and business circles in Afghanistan, as well as representatives of foreign companies and organizations who are interested in the development of the energy business in this country. The conference will discuss in detail the existing fuel and energy complex and the prospects for its development, investment climate and state regulation of the economy, energy supply and transport infrastructure, security work in this industry, as well as the internal petroleum market and control of its quality.

Afghanistan Oil Conference aims to:

  • introduce the energy sector of Afghanistan
  • identify trends in the development of the country’s energy sector
  • identify the potential for improving the investment climate
  • clarify security issues for companies in the energy sector
  • analyze the problems and prospects of energy imports to Afghanistan
  • identify cost-efficient routes for supply of petroleum products in the country
  • help companies in more detail to understand the intricacies of the Afghan energy market
  • establish a working platform for meetings and networking between national and foreign companies.

This unique event is regionally focused and aimed at a detailed and practical study of the existing energy sector of Afghanistan and the prospects for its development.


For more information please contact:

Olga Akhramovich

Project Manager

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