Almaty starts first Forum on Internet Development in Central Asia

First Regional Forum Internet CA-2010, on the development of Internet-sphere in Central Asia, was launched on April 29, 2010, in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
During the forum, more than hundred of the participants will discuss Internet security legislation in the sphere of internet in the region, development of World Wide Web in the national languages, and investments in internet projects, intellectual property, media and new media.

On the first day of the forum presentations will be delivered on the development of Kaznet, content analysis, as well as a special place will take reports of participants from Kyrgyzstan on the role of the Internet during the public calamities, considering the recent events in Kyrgyzstan, the state of the Internet sphere in Uzbekistan and development sites in the state languages of the region.

Internet in Tajikistan will be discussed during the second day of deliberations. Furthermore, on this day a broad set of questions will be discussed about journalism in the Internet.

The forum hosted by the International Center for Journalism MediaNet, Media Alliance of Kazakhstan with the support of Conrad Adenauer Foundation, and the OSCE Center in Astana.