Annual Festival “Silk&Spices” in Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Members of the Association of Private Tourist Companies and Small Business of Bukhara decided to help Central Asian artisans and craftsman promote and expand their craft. Therefore, Annual Festival “Silk&Spices” was organized in 2000. This year festival will be held on May 6,7,8,9 – 2010.n81

Latter for the festival was further developed and coordinated in conjunction with Salom Travel, United States Peace Corps Volunteers, the Bukhara Hakim’s office, Bukhara Art Developing Center
Located in the historic atmosphere of Bukhara’s “old city”, among the mosques, trading domes and minarets, the Annual Silk & Spices Festival offers travelers the opportunity to discover the best of what Central Asia has to offer. No just limited to silk and spices, or Bukhara crafts, the Festival will include participants from numerous regions in Uzbekistan as well as from neighboring countries. Some of the kinds of artisans that will be included in this festival are:

· silk weavers

· potters

· gold embroiderers

· carpet weavers,

· metal chasers,

· miniatures painting.

Also you have a chance to taste culinary delights and to see and hear live music, children’s choir, folk songs and dance, tightrope walkers. As the Festival comes to end, souvenirs, carpets, hand-made silk fabrics, crafts and most importantly, unforgettable impression will fill the suitcases and minds of travelers.
The organizers hope that this festival will continue to grow throughout the years, bringing much deserved attention to the rich traditions, culture and crafts of Central Asia.