ART-Therapy in Mental Health Centre in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Jyldyz OruzbaevaPublic association “Union of Creative Forces” (UCF) pleased the Kyrgyz public with another progressive idea. Now its activists decided to show their works to a usual audience – patients of the Mental Health Centre. Truly imagination knows no bounds! The idea is that the president of UCF, artist Jyldyz Oruzbaeva (stage name Jyldyz Asangali) decided to donate more than 30 of her paintings to this hospital. The centre supported the idea and even provided a place for the opening day.

It is worth noting that the selection of the Mental Health Center is not accidental. Formerly in this clinic, for over 15 years, a psychiatrist worked – Jyldyz Oruzbaeva. Then she went to Turkey, where homesickness sparked her creativity. The first timid attempts provoke genuine interest in the audience, giving an impetus to continue the work.

As a psychiatrist, Jyldyz Oruzbaeva cannot care less about human health. “Today many people are in need of psychological help. This is not only the patients of such mental centers, but also people experiencing difficulties in cross-cultural adaptation, those, who are suffering from stress, alcohol and drug abuse, children with disabilities in the development and hyperactive adolescents, the elderly and the elderly who find it difficult to survive in the modern world. If my paintings will help a little bit to these people to straighten out, get out of difficult situations, then that means that I do not live in vain “- she said.

Art therapy – a method of psychotherapy used to treat medical and psycho-correction techniques and artistic creativity, such as painting, sculpture, music, photography, movies, books, acting, storytelling and much more. Art therapy combines traditional theories and techniques of psychotherapy with the understanding the psychological aspects of the creative process, especially those parts of artistic material that evoke emotion.

Former colleagues of Jyldyz Oruzbaeva also support the idea of art-therapy. According to, Associate Professor of Psychiatry of Kyrgyz National Medical Academy (KNMA), Tamila Kadyrova art has, no doubt, a beneficial effect on patients. “Unfortunately, today, treatment is mainly medical in nature. Various types of art therapy enhance the effects of medication and aid recovery. We believe that Jyldyz Oruzbaeva added another tool to improve the well-being of our patients. We are even planning to conduct a study to analyze the effect provided by the pictures on our patients “, – she adds.

As it turned out, among the guests were those who experienced the positive impact of works of the artist. «As I was studying the works of Jyldyz Oruzbaeva, I noticed that her paintings, which decorate the walls of my apartment, can positively affect human well-being. Bright, clean colors pleasing the eye, simple plot in the style of “naive” and the rhythmically repetitive pattern elements, have a soothing and relaxing effect on the urban citizen, who is congested by the flow of information, crushed by stress and frantic pace of life. Research led me to the famous professor of psychiatry Valery Solozhenkin, who was at that time the head of the Department of Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry in KNMA. Solozhenkin agreed with me, stressing that the long-term medical experience of Jyldyz Oruzbaeva reflect on her work, which provide some therapeutic effect “- shared with journalists, the vice-president of UCF Jyldyz Kudaibergen.

It was interesting to listen to the opinions of other artists, such as Bolot Karakeev, who also came to the opening of the resting room. When he was asked if he could follow the Jyldyz Oruzbaeva example, the painter only shook his head. “My pictures are dark, and gloomy, not as positive as Jyldyz’ is, so the therapeutic effect would probably be much less from them” – he said jokingly.