Author from Crimea wins prize at the Third International Literary Festival of the “Open Central Asia Book Forum and Literature Festival 2014”


The Crimean writer, Lenifer Mambetova, has won the award for the best work by a female writer at the “Open Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival- 2014» (OCABF-2014), winning the prize named after of Marziya Zakiryanova.

“Open Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival – 2014” is an annual international literary contest, festival and forum. In 2014, it was held in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

«Оpen Central Asia Book Forum & Literature Festival – 2014» was held by the British publishing house “Hertfordshire Press” with the help of the National State Book Chamber of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Association of Publishers and Booksellers of Kazakhstan, the “Elena Bezrukova Centre of Training and Consulting”, in partnership with the Ministry of Culture of Kazakhstan, Akimat of Almaty city and the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism.

As part of OCABF-2014, a festival was held which included a literary contest among writers in four categories: literary work, translation and illustration for a literature work, as well as a contest among film directors who have created a video or film based on a literary work.

More than 450 authors, who represented 20 different countries of the world (among which are the Central Asian countries, Russia, United Kingdom, Romania, United States, Ireland, Germany, Turkey, France, Japan, Ukraine, Georgia) took part in the 2014 contest.

The total “OCABF-2014” prize fund was $32,000.

$17,000 will be used for publishing the winner’s book in London, with its further presentation at the annual London Book Fair in 2015 by Hertfordshire Press.

An author from Tajikistan, Tolibshohi Davlat, won the overall contest with his work, “Cranes in the Spring.”

As the part of “OCABF-2014” competition an annual award of $5,000 was established in memory of Marziya Zakiryanova for the best woman’s work in all categories.

The winner in the best woman’s work nomination was Lenifer Mambetova (Republic of Crimea).

In 2015 Lenifer Mambetova’s book will be published in London and presented in English. The publication of this book will be a historical event for all of the Crimean Tatars.

Lenifer Mambetova is a writer with both a complicated and interesting life, which is reflected in the collection of her poems. She is an ethnic Crimean Tatar and has the education of teacher of Russian language and literature. Lenifer was born on 19 March, in 1957 in the Uzbek city of Chirchik near Tashkent.

In May 1944 her parents, as children, were forcibly expelled, as well as all of the Crimean Tatar people from the Crimea.

Lenifer Mambetova has dedicated her collection of poems to deportation of the Crimean Tatars. Her book is imbued with love for both the old and re-found homeland – Crimea. It has absorbed a lot of impressions: children, brightness, serenity, and tragic losses associated with her dear land and its ancestors for whom the ruthless evictions are recalled with great sadness.  They have humanism and notes of warmth and love to the world. Touchingly colorful, this work deserves high praise for its originality, freshness and liveliness of language. For these reasons it was awarded the Marziya Zakiryanova price in the competition «Open Central Asia Book Forum and Literature Festival 2014″.


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