Azerbaijan’s Novruz International Youth Festival

The Novruz International Festival in Azerbaijan 2010 is organized by the European Forum of Azerbaijani Students with the Youth and Sports Ministry’s support.

The festival aim – is to inform youth around the world about national traditions and customs and the values and history of the Azerbaijani people, and to expand intercultural exchanges between youths.

The festival is expected to bring together 30 young people from around the world, which will visit historical monuments in Azerbaijan, take part in celebrations in Baku, celebrate Novruz with Azerbaijani families and thus have the opportunity to become better acquainted with the culture.

The event will continue until March 22.

The European Forum of Azerbaijani Students operates in over 270 cities in more than 40 countries and brings together over 17,000 students. Its main goal is to facilitate open and tolerant development across the continent through cultural exchanges between students in Europe.

Novruz Novruz

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