Azerbaijani mugham on Latvian radio


A new Ethno News program on Latvijas Radio 3 Klasika radio station providing jazz, classical, instrumental music and outstanding cultural programming, has recently featured Azerbaijani mugham, AzerTag reports.

A programme host and project initiator, student at the Latvian Academy of Music Anete Stutse, who has some work experience on Latvijas Radio 3 Klasika under the supervision of folk music expert Gita Lancer, prepared the first programme about Azerbaijani mugham early this year. The programme went on air on January 30 as part of Odyssey series.
Now Anete prepared a new programme featuring musical performance by Azerbaijani mugham singers Alim Gasimov, Sakina Ismailova and Sevda. In this programme, Anete Stutse presented the typical Azerbaijani musical instruments, described the styles of mugham and prominent Azeri mugham performers Alim Gasimov and Sakina Ismayilova.

According to Stutse, “a modern mugham can be compared with trance music, in the way that it enhances the thinking process, not dulling it”.

“Mugam is unpredictable – there are no musical records, the audio lines are created during the performance, a musical work is created every time newly, upon the feelings of the musician. Although it is improvised, artist must know the unspoken principles,” Anete said, adding that the mugham art is one of the brightest jewels of Azerbaijan’s culture and musical tradition.

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