Baku International Humanitarian Forum

by Orkhan Ismayilov


Today’s world of globalisation eliminates borders among nations. Now, countries prefer to solve international issues through dialogue. Cultural and humanitarian relations among nations have expanded in recent decades. In this respect, Azerbaijan has become a place where representatives of various nations meet and discuss the problems of humanity and try to find solutions to them together. The Baku International Humanitarian Forum is one of the important events for such discussions.

The Baku International Humanitarian Forum was first held in 2011 to discuss wide range of global issues in the interest of all humanity. Now an annual event, it brings together famous representatives of political scientific and cultural elite of the world community including famous statesmen, Nobel Prize winners in the various fields of science and leaders of influential international organizations.

With a growing number of participants, 800 representatives took part in the third Baku International Humanitarian Forum held on 31st October to 1st November 2013. A wide range of programs had been prepared for participants to acquaint them with the rich Azerbaijani cultural heritage and make them familiar with Baku and other regions of the country.

Professor Mike Saks (University Campus Suffolk, UK.) commented on the forum, saying, “The main problems for the development of intercultural dialogue are narrowly defined nationalism and parochialism that impede more holistic discussions of problems and their resolution in the contemporary world. These are more fundamental obstacles to dialogue than language barriers, which are pleasingly  progressively being broken down across the globe. It was very appropriate that the theme of multicultural dialogue was pivotal to the International Humanitarian Forum in Baku”.

Expressing his wish to attend as speaker for next Humanitarian Forum Professor Joseph Mifsud (University of East Anglia, London Academy of Diplomacy) added, “This event has a great importance in terms of bringing together of world’s intellectual elite. Topics discussed in the event was very popular and actual in international level”.

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