Birds of Uzbekistan

Birds of Uzbekistan Photo album

Lying at the heart of Central Asia, Uzbekistan is of great importance for its breeding and migratory bird populations. Over 400 species have been recorded in the country, more than half of which breed, and of the 30 globally threatened species that have been recorded, several occur in significant numbers. This diversity of species is partly a reflection of the diversity of habitats found in Uzbekistan and partly because of its strategic location on the Central Asian flyway.

Despite this importance for birds, until recently interest in birdwatching in the country has been limited largely because of a lack of readily available information. Therefore the Birds of Uzbekistan Photo album is a welcome and timely publication that provides an attractive and accessible introduction to the birds of the country which it is hoped will encourage more people to take an interest in, and gain enjoyment from, watching the birds around them. Ultimately it is hoped that this interest will develop into a desire to protect these birds and the habitats that support them.

Unlike many other photo guides, the Birds of Uzbekistan Photo album is possibly unique in only using photographs of birds taken in the country. In general the quality of the photographs is very high and many species are shown ‘in action’ rather than as simple portraits – this adds considerably to the attractiveness of the book. Being bilingual, the book will be of interest to both Uzbek nationals and international visitors. For anyone planning to visit Uzbekistan, the Birds of Uzbekistan Photo album provides a good ‘taster’ of the riches that are in store for them.

Geoff Welch

International Management Plans Adviser

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

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