Book launch of the First English Edition of Kyrgyz novel by Begenas Sartov: “When the Edelweiss flowers flourish”


A spectacular insight into life in the Soviet Union in the late 1960’s made all the more intriguing by its setting within the Sovet Republic of Kyrgyzstan. The story explores Soviet life, traditional Kyrgyz life and life on planet Earth through a Science Fiction story based around an alien nations plundering of the planet for life giving herbs. The author reveals far sighted thoughts and concerns for conservation, management of natural resources and dialogue to achieve peace yet at the same time shows extraordinary foresight with ideas for future technologies and the progress of science. 

The whole style of the writing gives a fascinating insight into the many facets of life in a highly civilised yet rarely known part of the world. Communism and local traditions are explored on many levels to show both the positive and negative aspects as the main story revolves around the principle character of a young man named Melis. His exploits in training to become a shepherd, develop his relationship with his true love Rena and his encounters with Aliens from a far of world invading his beloved mountains leads to a story that gallops along similar to a wild Kyrgyz stallion.

Following the recent reprint of the bulk of his original works in the Kyrgyz language by the authors widow to celebrate   his 50 th birthday 1995and

 his family and relative’s, republished all his work in collection “Eridiana”

 The English translation was undertaken by the authors niece in the Scottish literary centre of Edinburgh.

Primary translation work – Mrs.Shahsanem Murray

Narratives -Mr.Gordon Murray
Editing – Mr.Matthew Newmann
Proof Reading  – Dr Brian Thomson


SARTOV BEGENAS – 1945 to 1978

Sartov Begenas was born on the 15th of August, 1945 in Checherin Village, Kyrgyzstan.

Unfortuneately Begenas Sartov was only 33 when he passed away, but he left rich and beautiful works including the very first Science Fiction books in the Kyrgyz language.

 1963-1971 student of Kyrgyz University of Philology and Graduated this University. His first job thereafter was as an assistant filmmaker in the Kyrgyz Film Studio. After this and up until his untimely death he worked his way through the ranks of two Kyrgyz publications – “Kyrgyzstan” and ” Meken” – and achieved a final position in both as Main Editor.

From the late 1960’s Begenas was a leader of the Group “Too Jyldyzy”- where he inspired and assisted young and talented Kyrgyz individuals most of whom have progressed to become the current batch of well known writers’ and publishers of Kyrgyzstan.
In 1976 Begenas was invited as one of the Soviet Unions’ leading Science Fiction writers to attend the second worldwide meeting of Cosmonauts in Moscow where he was personally met by SSSR Cosmonaut Grechko – the second soviet man in space after SSSR Cosmonaut Gagarin…

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