British Council launches new resources on English language

British Council launches new resources on English language

British Council launches new resources on English language

As part of British Council’s global initiative for promotion of the English Language, the British Council in Uzbekistan is launching new materials and resources for all those who are interested in English Learning.

To announce these exciting new products for learners and teachers, the British Council is organizing a launch ceremony which will take place in June, 2010.

The new products present fresh ideas in teaching and learning English through modern media resources and are already being used successfully in a number of countries. Among the new products are “Teach English by Radio” programmes, “Learn English Newspapers”, on-line learning through British Council websites and various other courses.

Support to Learning English is an important part of the British Council’s work worldwide and the organization reaches millions of people around the world with its English Learning programmes. There is no doubt that knowledge of English gives people a crucial tool to operate in the global economy and in many countries English opens doors to better futures.

The new products offered by the British Council in Uzbekistan will be particularly interesting for English Language trainers, representatives of educational bodies, members of English Teachers’ associations and other English Language professionals. It will help such people to access new English language learning skills – that will open doors in its turn for professional growth, international mobility and engagement with the wider world – especially the UK.

As the British Council Country Director in Steve McNulty said: “We believe that our new Teaching English tools will foster building relationships with the UK for both individuals and institutions and will lead to longer engagement with UK as an English study-destination. We hope that our work in English will demonstrate that the UK is a valuable partner in English language and, that use of our materials helps to improve both teaching and learning”.