British publishing house “HERTFORDSHIRE PRESS” presents a new album of “Projective Graphics” in English


British publishing house “HERTFORDSHIRE PRESS” presents the first “Projective Graphics” album in English by Kazakh professional business coaches Elena Bezrukova (Musienko) and Valentina Tikhomirova.

This album contains images of an aspiring new art movement known in Kazakhstan as “Projective Graphics”. The images presented in the publication, called “graphelvas” (графелвы), are accompanied by conceptual and explanatory texts, as well as an appendix of works associated with the small, but up and coming movement. This album is intended for a broad audience.

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Projective graphics is the one of the styles of contemporary visual art. It was born at the turn of XX-XXI centuries in the “School of ProjectiveGraphics.” The school itself was developed as part of the system of artistic groups (symbolism, Dadaism, surrealism, conceptual art etc.), seeking to present the paintings of the deep world of emotions, moods, feelings, but not the reality.  At first sight, the works resemble pencil drawings of children, but they hide deep philosophical meaning. The ease and simplicity of projective graphics are very deceptive.


Projection is a conditionality of human perception of the objective world. In art, projection exists as a pattern. The masters of projective graphics create an image that confronts man with poorly structured situations and ambiguous motives similar to how the projective diagnostics function in psychology.


In other words, the artist projects his emotions in the image and the viewer, seeing these images, projects back into them their own personality traits and emotions.

​Each grafelva is a complete dimensional image. It can be understood differently. Every viewer compares the image with their own unique life experiences and treats it with the perception of individual templates (patterns). Each grafelva awakes the imagination of the viewer and makes him see in amongst the tangled lines something only he knows.


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Valentina Tihomirova – the author of the concept of “Amazing Pedagogy”, scientific consultant and organiser of the laboratory for the development of a visual component of education in the schools of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the educational institutions of the Russian Federation. She is the developer and organiser of training for teachers on the development of innovative learning technologies, the author and presenter of training for the building of a conscious path to success and training for advanced creative and independent people. Total number of works: 127 publications, including textbooks, teaching aids for teachers and university professors, teaching aids for the development, organisation and conduct of training.

Since 2013, a board member of the NGO “Association tutor” (Almaty, Kazakhstan).

Elena Bezrukova – the director of the Centre of Elena Bezrukova, a professional business coach and practicing psychologist. Education: pedagogical, economic, and psychological. Elena Bezrukova has international Kazakhstan certificates for conducting training and consulting programs.

Fields of expertise: organisation and business development, management of the restaurant business, business planning and personnel management. Development of professional skills, personal qualities and expansion of thought. Organisation and management of learning processes in the private, public and social structure, development and implementation of training programs. Evaluation of staffing documentation. Marketing research on the effectiveness of learning in the learning process and beyond. Development and project management.

From 11 to 18 April  the “Projective graphics” album will be presented at the International Book Fair in London.

You are most welcome to come to Author talk on 14th April at Navruz Restaraunt, London 

Navruz Restaurant London

82 84 Cricklewood Broadway, NW2 3EL London, United Kingdom

You can get the first “Projective graphics” album in English in Almaty, Bishkek and London, as well as on Amazon. 

You can also buy the Russian edition of the album just for 10 £.



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