Cambridge Central Asia Forum

Cambridge Central Asia Forum, An interdisciplinary research centre that brings together scholars from arts and humanities, social, natural and biological sciences to conduct research and to study and aid development in Central Asia.

It also serves as a coordinating body for research in reference to the Central Asia Region, Afghanistan and the Caucasus. The Forum sees the promotion of bilateral academic relations between the region and the UK as part of its primary purpose. This implies gathering and disseminating information about existing activities both within the region and in the UK, and making this information accessible to a wider population.

Cambridge Central Asia Forum seeks to be inclusive, not only interacting with academics and students with research interests in the region, but also with those involved in other professions (Government, Business, Media and Non-Governmental Organisations) who collaborate with colleagues in the countries of interest.

The Forum endeavours to promote awareness about the region and to bring together a cross section of researchers in various disciplines, and not only Central Asian Studies, working on and within Central Asia.

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