Chinese company interested in coal-chemical production in Kazakhstan

China’s largest energy corporation China Qinghua Group is interested in creating coal-chemical technology transfer production in Kazakhstan, Kazakh National Agency for Export and Investment KAZNEX INVEST reported.

China and Kazakhstan agreed to establish export-oriented enterprises in Kazakhstan during the visit of the Kazakh delegation headed by Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Bahytzhan Jaxaliev to China Qinghua Group’s affiliated enterprise.

“Kazakhstan produces almost 78 percent of electricity based on coal combustion,” Jaxaliev said. “Thus, development of rational and ecologically clean coal combustion technology is one of the primary tasks for the national energy.”

China Qinghua Group specializes in processing coal deep and producing slabs and fertilizers.

KAZNEX INVEST is one of Kazakhstan’s national development institutions designed to promote diversification of the national economy by creating more favorable conditions for development and advancement of Kazakhstan’s non-commodity exports and foreign direct investment in priority sectors of the economy.

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