Conference on Eco-Tourism Development in Kazakhstan

On the 26th of August, 13.30-14.00 p.m. in the Nur Otan Building (4, Alikhanov St.) will be held

Conference on Eco-Tourism Development in Kazakhstan

In the framework of the EU funded ETPACK Project (Ecological Tourism and Public Awareness in Central Kazakhstan) a conference on eco-tourism will be held in Karaganda on the 26-27th of August 2010. The conference will elaborate on the big potential of community based ecological tourism for rural Kazakhstan. Vast steppes and semi-deserts dominate Kazakhstan and give the visitor a feeling of freedom and remoteness. As virtually no fences are present in the open country one can freely move about in this exciting countryside. In addition the mountains and lakes are an important asset for sustainable tourism development.

Tourism has shown a booming growth and is recovering fast after the crisis years. Within this promising industry ecotourism is showing the best performance over the last years. That is for a reason. “We followed a community based approach to guarantee, that the benefits of tourism are staying in the region and enhance the living standards of the local people as well as nature protection”, Vitaliy Shuptar the national team leader of the ETPACK project says. Ecological tourism is always conserving the environment and improves the well-being of the local people. In this context the project has developing three eco-sites with homestays and 1 souvenir production of traditional handicrafts. “Ecotourism is never connected with big single investments, which bare often high risks both economically and ecologically”, stated Til Dieterich from the German Nature Conservation Union (NABU). With putting the conservation of the environment in the centre of the objectives it does take the main asset of tourism appropriate into account: a clean and beautiful natural environment.

The conference aims at:

Ø Establish of ecotourism as a tool for rural development in Kazakhstan;

Ø Offers know-how transfer on best practices from Kazakhstan and abroad;

Ø Contributes to built up a positive image of Kazakhstan serving the tourism development;

Ø Built a platform for governmental, non-governmental and business organizations to discuss eco-tourism development in Kazakhstan;

Ø Link ecotourism in Kazakhstan to established international networks.