Conflict at a press conference in Almaty


On July 22, at a press conference at the Kazakhstan International Bureau for Human Rights in Almaty, there was a conflict between the organizers and the representatives of mothers of many children who tried to take part in it.

According to local media, the incident occurred because of the refusal to admit a group of women to the previously announced event.

After a verbal altercation, a conflict arose between both parties, during which several mothers of many children suffered, as well as journalists from a number of foreign and Kazakh mass media with their equipment who were on the scene.

Two women were injured and sought medical help. They and the injured journalists appealed to the Almaty police, which began investigating the circumstances of the incident.

The incident was ambiguously interpreted in local social networks and media. Some of them rated the event as a provocation and a deliberate attack on journalists.

After the emotions subsided, the participants in the incident made a public apology to each other and to the media representatives, saying that there were no complaints and mutual reconciliation.