Eastern medicine conference held in Tashkent

ConferenceOn April 2, 2010, Tashkent’s Hotel Expo hosted a conference titled “The Present and the Future of Eastern Medicine in Uzbekistan”, organized by the Association of Traditional Medicine of Uzbekistan, Korean Centre for Eastern Medicine, and the Centre for Eastern Medicine at Tashkent Medical Academy. The event was attended by around 70 medical specialists and experts.

Among the goals of the conference were to provide a platform for an exchange of experience among eastern medicine specialists; discuss new trends and methods in eastern medicine; discuss plans on the further development and integration of eastern medicine methods into practice.

The conference focused on issues relating to the state of eastern medicine in Uzbekistan, its history, existing educational methods as well as methods and results of treating diseases using eastern medicine. The conference participants had an opportunity to swap opinions, discuss issues and map out plans.

The conference agenda also included speeches by foreign and local specialists

Source: http://www.uzdaily.com/articles-id-9521.htm