Ecotourism Society Pakistan launches its “The Region” initiative

Ecotourism Society Pakistan

Ecotourism Society Pakistan (ESP) has launched its latest initiative “The Region” connecting countries from South Asia to Eastern Europe on its 12th anniversary.

Fauna, flora and cultures do not understand political boundaries. Pakistan historically and geographically links with South Asia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Traditional links are found in all these regions therefore Ecotourism Society Pakistan (ESP) believes that a strong interaction among all these regions is inevitable to establish a practical, workable and profitable tourism market networking.

We therefore encourage and invite all regional intergovernmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, tour operators and other stakeholders of these regions to institute stronger and closer relationship. History, culture joins this region through linage of Mongols, Tamerlane invasions and control of long rule of Ottoman Empire. We need support of all of you to make this networking a place for a better future of ecotourism and responsible tourism. Please suggest us responsible organisations or directly join us. You are offered collaboration for Russian land. Please visit to know more about this initiative.

Ecological friendly tourism associations of countries including Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Armenia and China have joined this Networking for the promotion of sustainable tourism.
Please visit to know more about this international Networking.

We are Regional Partners of The International Ecotourism Society United States and supporting organization for Ministry of tourism government of Pakistan and many more international and national organizations.