Event at “Neki” House.

hyatt1Hyatt Regency Dushanbe took an opportunity to complete helping underprivileged children by reconstructing and granting new equipments.

All possible because of the generosity of our guests.

We are all aware of the challenges and hurdles that children – whether physically or mentally challenged, or orphaned – have to overcome in life just to have the minimal acceptable living conditions.

It is our duty and our obligation to ensure that we are pioneers for the improvement of the conditions in which underprivileged children live. We are the only people who have the power to change the situation and to make a difference. We are, the Community, after all, blessed with energy, a bright future, abilities and desire, so let’s put all of these together to support initiatives for a better life for these children.

Therefore, Hyatt Regency Dushanbe set the goal to help several organizations involved in work with underprivileged children:

1. Dom Rebyonka №1 was provided by furniture.

2. Paraolympic Committee was provided by Table tennis equipments and balls for playing football, basketball and volleyball.

3. Handicap International, project has yet to be finalized.

4. Nasli Navras was provided by Table games (nardi, chess, checkers, playing cards, etc) and a DVD Player.

On the 16th of September a new event was held at “Neki” House to celebrating the completion of providing the house with a new roof, windows and doors, also the refurbishment of the building was performed. This event was attended by media representatives, state officials and attaché, who are always supporting “Hyatt charity” events.


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