Exhibition held in memory of painter Muzaffar Daneshvar

Museum of Art, on behalf of the 100-th anniversary of Muzaffar Daneshvar, devoted an exposition of paintings by this artist, who made a contribution to the establishment of the Turkmen painting. The exhibition includes a painting from the museum and from the Daneshvar family collection.
The main attention at the exhibition was paid to the self-portrait, painted by the artist in 1960. Executed in a classical style, the portrait is kept almost the same tone, when the dark background of almost merges with the dark clothes of the character. But what makes a portrait “speaking”, it is the stressful eyes fixed on the viewer and at the same time inside the hero.

Exhibition held in memory of painter Muzafar Daneshvar

Exhibition held in memory of painter Muzafar Daneshvar

During the long years of work in Ashgabat art school Muzafar Mamedovich Daneshvar has invested considerable effort in the development of the fine arts of the country, it burned so bright talent mentor that many of the Turkmen artists consider themselves his students, even those who were not directly his pupils. This explains the special interest, which caused a show to those who knew and respected this artist, and young painters, who only heard about it.

The plots in Daneshvar paintings are surprising and very informative, which subtly transferred his “ethnographic” observation, reflecting the life, the traditional way of life of Turkmens. And not very surprising flawless reliability is happening, but the fact that these pictures is easily done, as it were timid strokes, as if the artist first picked up a brush, but his hand was so talented that he managed to convey the main and most important – the essence and spirit of the time .

Noteworthy is the picture “Youth” (1972), permeated with a bright and light colors, dreams and aspirations that are characteristic of this time of life. Against the background of the spring trees are showing a young girl with a book in hand. In her romantic image of independence and pride are read, inspired high aspirations.