Explore Diversity at the Crossroads of East & West


8 000 Vintages from the Birthplace of Wine

Renowned for its ancient history, rich culture and traditions, exceptional hospitality, and picturesque nature, Georgia has always been an appealing country for tourists visiting Eurasia; yet over the recent years its popularity has sharply increased and the country has made a name for itself as being one of, if not the most eclectic tourist attractions world-wide. Situated at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe, Georgia, inviting travelers of all kinds from all over the world, does exceed all expectations.

Tourists fascinated by authentic Georgian cuisine and wine often choose the region of Kakheti as their primary destination. Indeed, a trip to Kakheti, where wine grapes have been cultivated for 8 000 years, is a great way to learn more about Georgian local wine-making traditions, discover gorgeous ancient historic cities and picturesque monasteries and, of course, taste authentic Georgian food and wine!

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa

The partner of WELCOME TO GEORGIA! National Tourism Awards Lopota Lake Resort & Spa Surrounded by breath-taking nature and mesmerizing landscapes, is a resort hotel located in the heart of beautiful Kakheti, a true wine region of Georgia. The resort, having exceptional setting, embraces numerous must-see attractions and offers countless opportunities for adventure. Rich in venues and facilities, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa is perfectly positioned to welcome not only leisure, but also corporate travelers. The resort has an extensive experience in hosting all types of events, such as family reunions, weddings, business meetings, retreats, corporate, entertainment, and sports events and other social gatherings.

Built around the private natural lake, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa has a huge recreational area that includes four outdoor pools and one indoor pool with sauna and steam room, three restaurants and six bars, basketball and volleyball courts, fishing area, stable and horse-riding area, spa center, Château Buera and many other entertaining facilities for adults and children.

Château Buera & Local Qvevri Wine

Located on the territory of the resort, Château Buera is a recently-opened venue for the travelers fascinated by wine and wine-making. Although Château Buera, with its contemporary interior design looks modern from outside, inside it preserves all the ancient traditions of Georgian wine production. Guests are invited to enjoy the epic views to the Caucasus Mountains while sipping on the highest quality drink; to take a tour in and explore the wine cellar, along with a highly experienced Sommelier, where wine is produced according to the European and, also, traditional Georgian, Qvevri methods; to examine exclusive wine that is not available anywhere else; and to taste delicious Georgian and European cuisine. Château Buera is renowned for producing the highest quality Kakhetian wines in traditional Qvevri vessels. Guests are invited to attend and take part in the harvest in the vineyards of the Château and experience special wines produced on the spot. Not only that, Château Buera, offering wine seminars and culinary masterclasses, is a unique platform for networking for peoples from around the world.

Unforgettable Adventures

Lopota Lake Resort & Spa also invites guests to diverse wine tours outside Château Buera in local wineries, family wine cellars and chateaus in the Kakheti region; however, wine is definitely not the only area of attraction that guests can explore. For those who enjoy active lifestyle, Lopota Lake Resort & Spa offers numerous leisure activities and adventures such as Quadro tours, jeep tours, air balloon and helicopter tours, horse-back riding tours, eco-hiking tours, and etc.

Guests who are eager to explore the rich cultural heritage of Georgia are offered a range of cultural tours to ancient cities, monasteries, museums and fortresses of the Kakheti region, such as City of Love Signagi, Alaverdi Monastery, Gremi Fortress, and others.

Diverse adventure opportunities open up for the travelers, willing to go beyond the Kakheti region and explore the wilderness of the Georgian mountains and unique medieval architecture. Daring travelers who are not afraid of one of the most dangerous roads in the world leading to Tusheti, a pristine, remote region located north-east of the main ridge of the Great Caucasus, are invited to a two-day tour to Tusheti, a breath-taking destination included in the top 10 must see attractions of the world.

Exotic Forest Spa

Lopota Forest Spa is a must-visit place for those who prefer to stay on the territory and enjoy healthy lifestyle. Lopota Forest Spa offers guests an incredible chance to go through different kinds of facial and body revitalization procedures and provides them with personalized detoxicating nutrition therapy, herbal medicine, and special diet menu from the resorts’ organic farm.

Entertainment for Children

On top of that, spending time at Lopota Lake Resort & Spa with children is much more fun and pleasurable! Finding enough time to spend with children and family members is indeed difficult in the modern society. Parents accompanied by kids will never get bored at the resort that includes a special entertaining space for little ones. Kids’ Club welcomes children of all ages and offers numerous amusing activities with friendly entertainers. Every day Lopota Lake Resort & Spa also hosts outdoor movie-screening sessions for children.

No matter whether you are a passer-by traveler or an aspirant sommelier, whether you are fascinated by Georgian authentic food or picturesque landscapes, whether you travel with children and family members or business partners, don’t miss a chance to visit Lopota Lake Resort & Spa, the unique place where you can enjoy it all!