“EXPO-2017” – a national project, the greatest opportunity for Kazakhstan to get new energy and green technology.

Every year, Kazakhstan, as the formation of its statehood, are increasingly trying to act as an active participant in the international relations system. This is a presidency in several international organizations, OSCE Summit and the Asian Games 2011, the upcoming Winter Universiade 2017. And in the same year Astana will host the EXPO-2017.

Large photo EXPO 2017
Special attention is paid to the latter event. After all, the scale of the EXPO is so high costed that the margin for error just does not remain. As a general rule, to conduct such events claim advanced economies and stable political system, however, and it is not a guarantee of success. In these actions it has its own internal logic and the laws that determine the success of which is rather difficult to identify in advance.
Holding of the international specialized exhibition EXPO-2017 in Astana is one of the key projects of Kazakhstan. The initiative of organizing such a large-scale event in the capital of the Central Asian “leopard” belongs to the Head of State.
President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev did not fail to note that the purpose of the “EXPO-2017” includes a demonstration of the achievements of the country and the presentation of the world community of its capabilities.
Many people know this republic as a major energy state, one of the leading countries for the extraction of uranium ore, wheat exporter, owner of vast natural resources. The world is needed to demonstrate a new country looking to the future.
The President Nursultan Nazarbayev sees another image solution for his country on the eve of such a grand event. He instructed the architects, artists and designers to come up in Kazakhstan to the exhibition a unique architectural masterpiece that will not only become a symbol of “EXPO-2017”, but also enters the world treasury of urban planning, such as the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Crystal Palace in London.
“EXPO-2017” – a national project, the greatest opportunity for Kazakhstan to get new energy and green technology. The exhibition positively affects the image of the country, economic development, as well as bring to light one of the most pressing issues – “Energy of the Future”, that is, alternative and renewable energy sources that concern the international community.
This will allow visitors to focus on the benefits of the future of energy as environmental friendliness, low cost of operation and environmental friendliness. Today it is very important, because the economy is, as it turns out, non-related to the fact that the earth gives us.
Advantages of organizing and carrying out such important and significant events are evident. During the three months EXPO-2017 will take about 100 participating countries and 10 international organizations. According to forecasts of the organizing committee of EXPO-2017, while the exhibition would last around 3-4 million people will visit Kazakhstan capital.
The exhibition also will give a powerful impetus to the system of economic diversification and technological modernization of production capacities and scientific base of the country. Preparation for such a large-scale event will involve the domestic small and medium enterprises, including the construction of exhibition facilities and infrastructure.
As a result of abovementioned, there will be significant improve the city’s infrastructure. Construction, which is already in full swing, not only directly contributes to the development of the construction industry, but also improve training for it. And this, in turn, implies increasing employment.
If the international holding of EXPO in Astana becomes a platform for innovation in the world of energy and contributes to the development, the use of alternative and renewable sources of energy, in the state – will ensure the long-term socio-economic effects, it will give a powerful impetus to the further diversification and modernization of the economy , Kazakhstan’s transition to “green” economy.
The big push will receive and the tourism industry, hotel business, services. This is also the development of small and medium-sized businesses and new jobs.
For Kazakhstan “EXPO-2017” will be a landmark event: never before the international exhibition of this magnitude was not held in the countries of Central Asia and the CIS. And the exhibition – a big step towards becoming Kazakhstan as an international exhibition and information-presentation platform.
This is a unique opportunity for a big leap in the technological development of the country. And it’s not just the fact that after the exhibition Astana will get to a new area with modern buildings and infrastructure facilities for the implementation of innovative ideas. It is also important that they can enter into the life of the whole republic qualitatively new technologies and innovations.
Taking into consideration international experience, all the pavilions, cultural and residential buildings and associated buildings are built taking into account the most effective use after the exhibition. After 2017 the exhibition area with unique innovative buildings will become the new financial center of Astana. The majority of sites will use green energy, including wind and solar power. Part of the complex will be the basis for further Nazarbayev University, its students and young scientists who will be able to develop new technologies.
Thus, the EXPO in Astana will be a legacy that will remain in the country and will contribute to its development and prosperity in the future.

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