First animatronic robots speaking any world language appearing in Astana


The first animatronic robots are appearing in Astana, the robots can speak any world language, the press service of the Kazakh capital reported.

Robotic composition titled Father Coral and Moray consists of two robots – big, old and wise Coral and his small assistant Morey fish. The composition featured in one of the entertainment centers of the city gathered many visitors.

The composition is located in an area of 15 m2, the Coral is 5 meters high. All movements are performed by the animatronic robots with the held of computer programming.

Music and sounds are coordinated through special software. The Coral’s face can move eyebrows, cheeks, it can smile and wink. The Coral tells information about the capital and the only Oceanarium in Kazakhstan.

Narration is held in a form of a mini play in the form of a dialogue between Father Coral and Morey fish.

In the nearest future the animatronic robot will be able to sing, read poems, answer the questions and even carry on a dialogue with the visitors.

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