Food Corner: Chuchvara

Chuchvara is a well-known dish across the world. There are many similar dishes in other cuisines, including, for example, Italian ravioli, Chinese wonton and Russian pelmeni, but in observance of the Islamic dietary rules, the meat filling does not contain pork. 

How to prepare:

Fry the onions in some butter until they turn a light golden colour. Then mix with the meat, along with some salt, pepper and lamb’s tail fat.

Make a simple dough by lightly whisking water with some salt and the egg, gradually adding flour, to make a medium hard dough. Cover and leave it to rest for 15 minutes.Next, roll out the dough intolarge, thinflat circular shape. Cut 1.5 x 1.5 inch squaresout of the dough. Don’t worry if they are not the same size. Now put half or one teaspoon of filling in the middle of the square, fold and pinch edges carefully. Pinch again from corner to corner. Make as many “chuchvara” as you can to use up the dough or filling.

You can serve Chuchvara with or without soup.If you choose the former, then top with cream and chopped coriander, and the latter serving suggestion should be served with fried onions and tomatoes.


For dough:

100gr water

half tbsp of salt

1 egg

Plain flour as required

For filling:

250gr of freshly minced meat(lamb or beef)

2 onions peeled and chopped

Salt and pepper to taste

5 tbsp of butter or 3-4 tbsp of lamb’s tail fat cut in tiny cubes

For serving: Sour cream or yogurt, fresh chopped coriander. Another popular way of serving chuchvara is to topwith syuzma (sour milk)

Yoqimli ishtaha! Enjoy your meal!

Photos: Anastacia Lee

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