From criminals to political fugitives

The European media frequently publishes articles in favor of certain dissidents. And so it turns out that the vast majority of these publications are devoted to fugitive criminals or those who are serving these criminals. Take the example of Kazakhstan.

In the European media there are already long time ago from this country Mukhtar Ablyazov, Syrym Shalabayev, Alexander Pavlov, Muratbek and Bakhytzhan Ketebaev brothers, Irina Petrushova, Victor and Ilyas Khrapunov Leila Beketova, Igor Vinyavskiy and some other very colorful characters.

All of them have positioned themselves as opponents of the acting authorities in Kazakhstan. And for this reason they feel at ease themselves in the European Union, as perceived by the public as Democrats and civil libertarians.

In fact, even a simple enumeration names creates a feeling of mass protest movement in Kazakhstan. There is a desire to support the people, contributing to the development of civil society in Kazakhstan.o-CORRUPTIon

But there is one small caveat, which it would like to point out. All the above mentioned persons and many others behind the scenes, supposedly, human rights activists, are part of an organized criminal group boil fugitive oligarch Mukhtar Ablyazov.

This criminal structure is somewhat similar to the Italian Mafia, except that they deal primarily with financial fraud. The rest – the methods are similar. In particular, Ablyazov creatively developed the idea of ​​trade unions, which were the foundation of the public for the Italian mafia. Instead of this, he created an unregistered party “Alga” in Kazakhstan. Why unregistered? Yes, because there was no purpose to be legalized.

That is the necessary documents surrender periodically, but not in full. So unpretentious way Ablyazov created a non-systemic opposition, which was to serve only one purpose – to create a mechanism of protection from prosecution, be a screen that hides the true purpose of the criminal.

In this criminal empire each had their own role and place. Deputy chairman of the Coordinating Committee of “Alga” is listed Muratbek Ketebaev. His younger brother Bakhytzhan – in charge of the controlled media. By the way, Muratbek and Bakhytzhan are not only brothers and associates of the actual party leader Mukhtar Ablyazov, but both managed to be married to Irina Petrushova the chief editor of the newspaper “Respublika”.

Mukhtar Ablyazov’s daughter married the son of the ex-telemagnate and the owner of a jewelry company Leila Beketova from his first marriage. Beketova is the wife of the former mayor of Almaty Victor Khrapunov and together with him and his son Ilyas live in Switzerland.

Syrym Shalabayev – Ablyazov’s brother-in-law and his treasurer. Alexander Pavlov is the head of the security service and Igor Vinyavskiy is the staff journalist. It is clear that this is not the entire company. Combat media wing of group can be called “Open Dialog” foundation headed by Lyudmila Kozlovskaya. Notably  through this foundation it’s carried out the restoration of the image of Mukhtar Ablyazov.

In short, big and friendly family has actually occupied a display space of the EU in all matters relating to Kazakhstan. Although the reputation of the oligarch now is not be able to restore any most talented journalist, as information company continues.

It must be said that Ablyazov, despite his billions, and a huge staff journalists now is sitting in a French prison for the theft of several billions of dollars. And this fact has been proved not only the French Themis, but the High Court in London.

And what confuses the whole story? First of all, the absence of any immunity in Europe of this kind of fugitives. So much so that Ablyazov’s team raised the issue of the reform, but in fact disarming of Interpol, who was detaining the members of the mafia structure and interrupting on the way. In this case Ablyazov organized  the public discussion in the context of human rights, which aimed to transform the police professionals “toothless impotents.”

The second point of concern – awarded political asylum to members of a criminal gang Anna Pavlova and M.Ketebaev by Spain and Poland.

Neither Spain nor Poland has considered the situation in the complex, made the same mistake that United Kingdom did. London too, initially assigned the status of a political refugee to Ablyazov. But after the court proceedings, which lasted several years, not only changed his mind, but also condemned oligarch to 22-month in prison for contempt of court.

The Court, speaking briefly analyzed the lawsuit Kazakh “BTA Bank” to Ablyazov, accusing him of stealing several billions of dollars. Fugitive tycoon, trying to evade responsibility, brazenly lied and confused the judges, playing for time, which caused a very negative assessment of the Themis and as a result of a prison sentence.

The purpose of the perpetrator was one – it was necessary to hide the stolen money, sell the whole property, to rewrite the property to other people. Therefore, the court took drastic measures, all property and capital Ablyazov were arrested, and step up by step by the chain looking for new unrecorded assets in order to return the funds to the affected bank. Take just one figure: English court has established that the theft of funds took place through a specially created off-shore companies, the total number of which exceeded 1300!

Now imagine that it is only one episode in the practice of criminal Ablyazov. In fact, the scope of activity is not limited only in Kazakhstan. Oligarch heritage is in Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia and other countries. Russia and Ukraine, as the most affected, appealed to France to extradite Ablyazov, providing evidence of his fraud. And judging by the last court hearing, soon Ablyazov has to go to Moscow. This once again confirms that in this case there is no political motive.

Underground oligarch, however, continues to snap. Apparently, he hopes for something. Under his control’s media attacks on Kazakhstan. Moreover, these calls are radical in nature. It’s like that in Poland anybody calls people forcibly to overthrow the president, in order to avoid criminal liability.

Ablyazov loses, and he knows it. His bag full of money is being exhausted, and with it the opportunity to counter. Recently,  the accounts of Khrapunov  and Ablyazov had been frozen in the United States. Huge funds were discovered in the course of the trial, which began in May 2014 in the court of the US state of California on the claims of the Kazakh authorities.

Fearing prosecution and confiscation of their stolen money, V.Hrapunov and M. Ablyazov began to sell the property with a view to the urgent removal of assets from the jurisdiction of the United States.

In particular, a significant reduction was made in the project for the reconstruction of the hotel in apartments in New York. Instead invested 40 million dollars Ablyazov and Khrapunov intended to sell their stake for 21 million dollars.

As a result of the intervention of BTA Bank, Kazakhstan, administration of Almaty and the Ministry of Justice the transfer of funds was blocked. Currently, the Federal Court and the US Court of New York State is working to return the money frozen to Kazakhstan.

It’s also known that each Khrapunov’s family member received a personal injunction on debt payment in the amount of 286.5 million Swiss francs, as well as interest on it at the rate of 5% starting from January 1, 2000. The basis of the debt claim, a possible Victor Khrapunov’s participation and his family in the embezzlement of public funds for personal gain, for an amount estimated at 300 million US dollars.

Mrs. Leila Beketov is indignant at: prescription even got her son Ilyas, who by no means could steal public funds. He at that time was three years old. It is reasonable. But what prevented Khrapunov put stolen money on the account of his son?

In general, all attempts to counter the information clan Ablyazov-Khrapunov fail. And it is not surprising that rumors of a bankruptcy of this one of the richest families in the world.

Of course, for every dollar withdrawn from her purse, sounds friendly roar of indignation. Leila Beketova, Muratbek Ketebaev and other associates actively advocate in the media, criticizing the European public, by spraying Kazakhstan of the regular portion of the dirt.

Some are addicted to such an extent that their verbal manure sometimes slips curious recognition. In this context, it is necessary to remember the events that took place in Kazakhstan in 2010. The party “Alga” has provoked then riots in Zhanaozen, which escalated into a bandit attacks on ATMs, shops and public institutions. It is noteworthy that this time Ablyazov suffered a crushing defeat in the first part of the trial in London.

So, Bakhytzhan Ketebaev, former head of Ablyazov’s channel “K +” admitted the day before the tragic events, the channel was recorded talk show “Will the blood be shed in Zhanaozen? A number of politicians, including those in Europe, for example, Paul Murphy, knew in advance about the forthcoming pogroms.

One must admit that Ablyazov for several years is subversion, passing all bounds. For example, Ablyazov’s assistants – security chief Alexander Pavlov (always performed the most complex and delicate assignments of oligarch) and Muratbek Ketebaev planned to conduct terrorist attacks in Kazakhstan. Explosions were planning to organize, in early March 2012. One of them should have exploded in the territory of one of the most popular parks in Almaty, which is always crowded, especially on weekends. The terror attack was to take place notably on Saturday.

The Prosecutor’s Office of Kazakhstan note that “for the organization of acts of terrorism Pavlov allocated funds in the amount of 25 thousand US dollars, of which 15 thousand US dollars have been transferred to the executor.” In particular there have been attempts to establish contacts with radical religious groups.

Today, Kazakhstan is under a new information attack. And Ablyazov’s team do not remain aloof from this process. However, all their attempts are closely resemble to a dog barking on the principle of “OBS” – “one grandmother said.” But that’s not the point. If you examine the history of the Mafia family it may be noted another disturbing symptom, namely the weakness of Europe and its vulnerability against organized crime. Schemers skillfully manipulated by public opinion, put pressure on the courts and the government, turning the media freedom into the theater of the absurd. And this is already a threat to national security. Isn’t a time to put an end to this issue?

by Gregory O’Brian


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