Ilya Ilyin of Kazakhstan becomes three time world weightlifting champion


At the weightlifting world championship which happened in Paris on Saturday, the Kazakhstan athlete Ilya Ilyin gained the title of three times world champion. Ilya showed a result of 407 kilogrammes in the double-event. He showed fifth result in 181 kilogrammes in the chest lift but was second to none in the jerk. He lifted 226 kilogrammes in the second attempt.

Ukrainian athlete Artyom Ivanov also had a result of 407 kilogrammes in two events but he performed in a higher weight category. The representative of Iran, Said Mohammadpur Karkar gained the bronze medal. At the awards ceremony, the audience heard the Kazakhstan anthem. The three times world champion was full of emotions during the awards ceremony.

This was the second gold medal for Kazakhstan at the world championship in Paris. Earlier on, Zulfiya Chinshanlo gained first place.

Three times weightlifting world champion Ilya Ilyin announced to journalists that he will become the Olympic champion in London and will leave no chances to his rival Alexander Ivanov in the fight for the gold medal.

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