Increasing comprehensive reading and analytical skills among children project









Broadcast of 13 programs of total 26 developed and shothas started through the National TV and Balastan channels as a continuation of the “Read Together” talk show initiated by the Aga Khan Foundation in Kyrgyz Republic.

Program is on airevery Wednesday at prime time and repeated 3 times a week by Balastan channel.

The participants of the programs are parents and children aged 7-12 who came from different regions of the country.The program is held in the form of competition on readingbooks: questions on critical and logical thinking, interactive tasks with parents’ participation, and different games on the content of the books.

This TV program was rated at the top among the TV programs aired by the Public Television and Radio Company and has become very popular among the public. There are the cases that in the local schools teachers are conducting “Read Together” contests themselves.

The program is developed by the Aga Khan Foundation (Kyrgyz Republic) in partnership with Balastan channel of Public Television and Radio Corporation with the support of USAID.

Under this project USAID funds conversion of 15 children’s books and activities to be used on an innovative multilingual (Kyrgyz, Russian and English) mobile application/game in addition to the first application on 10 books developed by the Aga Khan Foundation.

The aim of the project is encouraging out-of-school reading, promote book-related activities in the home and community, and increasing public awareness about the importance of reading for education and life-long success.


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