International Industrial Fair & Cotton and Textile Fair



In the period when the   UBTIC meeting isgoing to be held in Tashkent (25th October) there are some events which may interested you as well:

1. VI International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange (IIFCE) held from 23rd till 27th of October 2012

2. VIII International Uzbek Cotton and Textile Fair held on 17-18 October 2012

These fairs are organized by the relevant ministries and generally they are interested to get contracts signed during these events.

International Industrial Fair helps to establish new contacts and cooperation between foreign companies and domestic enterprises in the field of purchasing of goods and commodities as well as in organizing new production of high-tech products.

During the Cotton and Textile Fair participants will enjoy an opportunity to sign contracts for Uzbek cotton, set up long-term cooperation in cotton trading, as well as to be familiar with the quality of Uzbek cotton and the latest innovations in trade and logistics.

Moreover, during the Cotton Fair “round tables” and bilateral negotiations between Uzbek cotton exporters and consumers will be organised.

The registration form can be found in the attachment and for further information please find below websites:

– Industrial Fair –

– Cotton and textile fair –




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