Kopeikin Meets London

Thu 14 June 2012 – 10.00am
Kopeikin Meets London
Nikolay Kopeikin/Edward Lucie-Smith
London Collectors Club

Language: In English

14 June – 26 July 2012

Exhibition open 4-7pm Monday to Friday Admission Free

Exhibition open to the public from 10am on Thursday 14 June 2012
Exhibition open 4-7pm Monday to Friday Admission Free
Exhibition closes on Thursday 26 July 2012 at 3pm

Timetable Of The Opening Day Thursday 14 June 2012-all are welcome!

10.00-12.45 Academic reflections on the new trends in contemporary Russian art

Ivan Gololobov, University of Warwick (UK)
‘Honesty is a struggle’: the return of the author in the age of post-modern

Yngvar Steinholt, University of Tromso (Norway)
The Return of Extreme Art Activism: Voina and Pussy Riot

1300-1400 Lunchtime Dialogue with Oleg Kopeikin

1800-2000 Exhibition Opening and presentation by Edward Lucie-Smith.

2000-2200 UK premiere screening of STAR WORMS introduced by Nikolay Kopeikin

This exhibition of renowned Russian artist Nikolay Kopeikin is organised by the London Collectors Club. It will be displayed in the inviting gallery space of Pushkin House. Kopeikin Meets London is the first show of this artist ever to be seen in the UK.

The artist visits London in our Olympic year; his works will include a new series about the legendary 19th century Russian poet Alexander Pushkin.

Kopeikin’s humour is international and reflects the artist’s increasing interest in the world outside Russia. His talent evolves with the changing times. He captures post-Soviet characters then moves on to lampoon modern social types. He brilliantly blends the national with the universal. He appeals to audiences world-wide.

Nikolay Kopeikin is an artist, writer, and founder of the creative association “Art sect” KOLHUI. He is also a filmmaker and one of the founders of Studio NOMFILM. In cooperation with A. Kagadeevym, they make short films such as APIARYGeopolipy, *Belaruskaya True Story*and Fantomas Removes The Mask.

Since 1999 he has been working with the musical team of NOM, one of the most popular joke rockacts in Russia with a genuine cult underground status.

Nikolay Kopeikin was born in St. Petersburg where he continues to live and pursue his artistic career. You can find his work in museums, galleries and private collections in Russia, Denm