Kyrgyzstan Visa Requirements: Tourist, Business And Transit

kyrgyzstan border

kyrgyzstan border

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Whether planning to experience the view of Lake Issyk-Kul in the Tien Shan mountains or contracting for the Apart from the recent political news Kyrgyzstan rarely makes international headlines, but tourists do visit attractions such as Lake Issyk-Kul, the second highest navigable lake in the world, and many foreigners are now working at the Manat air base, which is being used for the war in Afghanistan. Here are some things to consider concerning a Kyrgyzstan visa.

Kyrgyzstan Visa Types – Transit, Tourist And Business

Visitors staying more than three five working days are required to register an address with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kyrgyz Republic. In practice, this registration is done by hotels and host businesses, and the requirement should only necessitate some action by foreigners arriving on private visas.

Transit visa. For travellers wishing to pass though Kyrgyzstan, a transit visa is available, permitting a maximum stay of five days in the country. Proof of onward travel is required, in the form of visa or onward ticket to a neighbouring country. A single-entry transit visa from the embassy in Washington is $85, a double-entry visa $95.

Private/Tourist visa. A tourist visa can be obtained through an invitation from a travel agent and proof of hotel booking in the form of a voucher. Travel agencies will apply for the visa to the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bishkek on behalf of their clients. This process also applies to private invitations through a Kyrgyz national.

Business visa. Business visas are granted to foreigners doing business in Kyrgyzstan upon presentation of an official invitation from an official Kyrgyz-registered company from the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bishkek. Local representative offices of international companies, as well as private entrepreneurs are not allowed to issue an invitation letter if they are not a Kyrgyz legal entity.

Processing times of visas are 10 working days, although this can be done in three days for a doubling of the visa fee.

Visa Requirements

Kyrgyzstan visa requirements are as follows:

Completed application form which can be downloaded from the embassy website.

Letter of invitation certified by the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bishkek.

One passport-sized photograph, attached to the application form.

A valid passport with at least one blank page and valid for more than three months from expiry of the visa.

The letter of invitation is not required, however, for citizens staying less than thirty days from the following countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Denmark, Israel, Ireland, Iceland, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Canada, Cyprus, Republic of Korea, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, Romania, USA, Serbia, Slovenia, Singapore, Slovakia, Turkey, Finland, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden, Montenegro, Czech Republic and Estonia.

Kyrgyzstan Visas After Flights to Manas Airport

Visas cannot officially be obtained at land borders in Kyrgyzstan, although some travellers have reported success with a cash bribe, although this is not something that can be relied upon for obvious reasons. Visas can however be bought on arrival at Manas Airport, providing all the relevant paperwork is completed.

Fee Structure for Kyrgyzstan Visas

There are a variety of visa types and prices available, which are subject to change at short notice. As a general guide, a British citizen will be required to pay £60 for a single-entry one month visa, £140 for a one-year multiple entry , while the costs in Washington are slightly cheaper, with corresponding Kyrgyzstan visas costing $100 and $240, with a single-entry transit visa charged at $85.


Kyrgyzstan Embassy in Washington

Kyrgyzstan Embassy in London

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