‘Musical Portrait Of Piano Legend’

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Kazakh Gala presents:UK Premiere Silentium Piano Concerto

 Eleonora Bekova and Philharmonia Orchestra

Cadogan Hall, 18 March 7PM

Long-awaited three part concert that brings the magical fusion of the brightest stars of Eurasian music galaxy. The live performance by pride of Kazakhstan, piano soloist Eleonora Bekova and young Kazakhconductor Marius Stravinsky, who brings out the power of UK’s own Philharmonia Orchestra in the striking selection of Russian compositions.

What is more, this time Eleonora shares with her audience a very personal music treasure – Silentium – written especially for her and about her by cordial friend Sergey Zhukov.

“Zhukov is extremely visual in his music,” Eleonora says. “That is where the orchestra is very important – because all of Zhukov’s pieces, including Silentium, are very theatrical in themselves. Silentium, as a concept, is composed to draw out my personality, as he knows it, in the notes, and it is therefore a very personal and sensitive piece of music to me.”

“What is typical to his school of music is the ever-present theme of the battle between good and evil that you can clearly recognise as you hear it. And the theatrical nature of Silentium makes it very engaging to play albeit it is also extremely competitive for piano vs orchestra.”

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