Navroz Spring Festival with Cambridge Central Asian Forum

Cambridge Central Asian Forum is delighted to invite you to the annual
celebration of the Navroz Spring Festival, which will take place in Jesus College, on 10th of March, at 7 p.m.
Navroz is the Persian word for New Year and it marks the coming of spring
in the countries starting from Europe’s eastern boundaries and all the way
across to the Pacific. Navroz transcends religious, ethnic, linguistic and
national divisions and brings people together. It showcases the region’s
rich tradition and mythology for the world to experience. Above all else it
is an occasion for celebration.
The program of celebration contents amazing show and photo-exhibition of 19th Century Tashkent city.
There will also be souvenirs from the region available for sale. The event
is organized by the Cambridge Central Asia Forum, Cambridge University
Kazakh Society, Cambridge University Uzbekistan Society and Cambridge
University Azerbaijan Society and sponsored by several Embassies and
organizations as well as companies with interest in the region.