New project “Kyrgyzstan – the land of short length films”

Filmmakers of Kyrgyzstan are launching a new project called “Kyrgyzstan – the country of short length films,” said the director and founder of the studio “Aytysh Movie” Sadyk Sher-Niyaz.

n88According to him, currently the national cinema does not have sufficient means to produce full-length movies. Usually there are only 1-2 films produced each year and usually with poor quality, due to lack of funds. “There are many talented directors in Kyrgyzstan. By producing short length films Kyrgyzstan will be glorified “, – considers S. Sher-Niaz.

To carry this idea out both young and well-known filmmakers of the country will be combined. At the moment, over 60 people work together in this project. 90 thousand dollars are allocated to this project. As he said, the project will have its own website, which will display movies and a forum where people can discuss them.

In the near future an artistic council of the project will be created, which intends to submit a monthly report on the activities of the project. Sher-Niyaz said that the project would support the creators of short films to participate in various festivals. From time to time, new movies will be released in city cinemas.
He added that the project is planned to create a new wave of Film Critics and Journalists who are interested in the fate of cinema and will actively work to cover the project.
He expressed with confidence that after 3-4 years of hard work, the world community would start to recognize and comment the Kyrgyz cinema.

A festival of Short Length Film is already planned to be carried out in Bishkek. 25 thousand dollars are allocated to this festival. The festival will be in the format of American “Oscar” awards, with best director, best script, best music, best decorations, best actors, camera operators and so on nominations.