New railway connection between Tashkent and Issyk Kul opens

Tashkent train station

On June 8, 2009 Uzbek Railways launched a new passenger route linking the Uzbek capital – Tashkent with Kyrgyzstan’s Balykchi town (previously known as Rybachye), near Lake Issyk-Kul. The train will depart to Rybachye each Monday, following the route Tashkent-Balykchi-Tashkent. It will leave Tashkent at 2.52 PM on Monday, arriving to Balykchi at 4.51 PM on Tuesday. The same passenger train will depart from Balykchi at 06.54 AM on Wednesday, arriving in to Tashkent at 09.35 AM on the following day. Balykchi (translated as “fishing place” from Kyrgyz language) or Rybachye has been a traditional tourism spot in the Issyk Kul area, attracting visitors from everywhere in Central Asia and beyond. For the price of UZS 110000 per person (amounting to GBP 46), citizens and visitors of Tashkent can now have a comfortable journey into the west-end of Lake Issyk Kul..