Nineteen Books in 2017 for the ECG Book Series project

In Spring 2017 the Eurasian Creative Guild announced the launch of their Book Series project, which was set up to provide opportunities for Eurasian authors to have their books published in English, and presented to an international audience.

Along with having their book launched in London, published authors under the Book Series project also benefit from having an ISBN code, and their works being stored in the world’s second largest book depository, the British Library’s legal deposit, which ensures that published materials are preserved for the use of future generations. In addition to this, authors are also granted access to an international distribution system with the books being sold in ten online stores worldwide.

A list of the 19 books published by the ECG in 2017 is as follows:

«40 храмов» Марины Михайловской; 40 Temples by Marina Mikhailovskaya;
«The Art of Mature Love» Madina Demirbash;
«Бои без правил» Питер Берман; Fights Without Rules by Peter Berman;
«Из Сибири к свободе» Мурат Уали; From Siberia to Freedom by Murat Uali;
«Belarusian whales» Kuzmicheva;
«Қияжол Ғұмыр» Назикен Алпамыскызы; Naziken Alpamyskyzy;
«Көк Түрік Көк Бөрі» Темирхан Медетбек; Temirhan Medetbek;
«Сағыныш…» Сауле Досжан; Saulie Doszhan;
«Тағдыр» Куаныш Жиенбай; Tahdir by Kuanysh Zhienbai;
«Жүректегi иман гүлi» Гүлзада Ниетқалиева; Gulzada Nietkalieva;
«Книга, которую еще никто не писал» Марсель Салимов; A Book That No One Has Ever Written by Marsel Salymov;
«Дверь в сказку» Денис Куваев; The Door to the Fairy Tale by Denis Kuvaev;
The Lines of Life Антонина Шустер; Antonina Shuster;
«Музыка между строк» Диляра Линдси; Music Between the Lines by Dilyara Lindsay;
«Один из вас» Ленар Шаехов; One of You by Lenar Shaykhov;
«Правдивые истории» Назым Сапарова; Trust of History by Nazar Saparov;
«Остров Стихов» Раим Фархади; Poem Island by Raim Farkhadi;
«Как полюбить себя» Светлана Юдина; How to Love Yourself by Svetlana Yudina;
«Lines of the Life» by Nadezhda Kolyshkina
A presentation for the books published under the Book Series project will be held in London from 11-13th October and 17th-20th November in Stockholm.

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