No Maltese passport for Rakhat Aliyev says Malta PM

Rakhat Aliyev won’t be able to get a Maltese passport even through the Individual Investor Program (IIP), Malta Today reports.

Prime-Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat declared this at the recent Parliament session. “The sort of due diligence we will be undertaking for applicants under the IIP would not allow someone like Rakhat Aliyev to get Maltese citizenship,” the Prime-Minister said, touching upon the Malta’s passports sale scheme: the country intends to sell Maltese passports for 650 thousand Euro.

Rakhat Aliyev’s Austrian passport was cancelled by the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Austria. He used to have an alien’s passport of Austria, a document issued for stateless persons residing within their borders and foreign nationals who are unable to obtain a passport from their state of nationality.

Rakhat Aliyev is staying in Malta at present, but it is unclear whether his stay in Malta is legal.

Several cases against Rakhat Aliyev are being investigated. He is accused in money laundering and other crimes in several European Union countries. in 2008 he was sentenced to 20 years in prison for a number of grave crimes, including kidnapping, treason and plotting a coup d’etat in Kazakhstan. The sentence was given to him in absentia, because Aliyev had been hiding in Austria since spring 2007. After that he has been living in Malta since 2010.