No snow for New Year holidays in Azerbaijan: forecast



Unusually warm weather is forecast to last till the end of this year and no snow is expected until after the New Year’s day, Azerbaijan’s hydrometeorlogical agency reported on Monday.

Umayra Tagiyeva, an official from the government agency under the country’s ecology and natural resources ministry, told local media in Baku that snow is not expected despite a drop in temperature in most parts of Azerbaijan between Dec. 31 and Jan. 1.

“Since the second half of Dec. 31, weather conditions will drastically change, first in the western regions of the country,” the same official said.

The Azerbaijani capital of Baku and the Absheron peninsula where the city locates may expect rainfall on the New Year’s day.

In mountainous areas it will be sleet and even some snow, according to Tagiyeva, who added that the abnormally warm weather in the month of December would continue to delight tourists and local residents as daytime temperatures rise to 15 degrees Celsius in Baku and to average between 15 and 17 degrees Celsius on the peninsula.

For Azerbaijanis, the only snow-related news has been the delays and cancellations of flights initiated from snow-plagued west European cities like London, Paris and Frankfurt.

A London-Baku-Tbilisi festival flight service has to be canceled due to snow-caused bad weather in Heathrow.

Source: Xinhua