Out With the Old and In With the New… App-arently New mobile app to revolutionise marketing in Central Asia



The main goal of marketing is to make customers loyal and to maintain their loyalty. The usual way to solve this problem in the past has been the use of plastic cards, sending text messages and offering promotions. LoyaltyPlant, however, offers an innovative solution that now makes such customer communication easier and is likely to drive business profitability in many areas, but particularly in fast-evolving economies such as in Central Asia.

LoyaltyPlant creates a business’ own mobile app that helps it communicate with customers and build a profitable and efficient loyalty program in a remarkable leap forward for the technology. The very first users to embrace the app will likely stand out from the competition and the novelty will mean that trendy business owners will catch a wave of young customers all easily conversant with app use. Customers will no longer need to keep plastic loyalty cards in their wallets which is both convenient for them and saves money for the business that has to administer the loyalty scheme.

All mobile apps by LoyaltyPlant have customised looks and can suit any business. But more important than this, the apps will allow businesses to collect relevant customer data into an easily searchable database, without having to fill out paper forms. Once such preferences are logged, customers can easily be targeted with specific promotions and events, unique to them and their preferences. Further, the efficiency of these marketing tools can be tracked and modified to ensure customers remain loyal and satisfied. If a customer hasn’t visited for a long time, the business can send further special offers or gifts to entice them to come back.

Of course, mobile app functionality is key in the trend spreading and the LoyaltyPlant app appears to be very easy to use. The customer finds their “loyalty card”, which appears on the phone screen, collects bonus points, and spends them on rewards. Customers can also refer their friends on Facebook directly from the app and create a powerful word-of-mouth effect, something that young Central Asians will effectively willingly do for free as they embrace the new technology. The app works on smartphones, of course, but also on other, more simple phones. Whilst the marketplace for such apps is still relatively immature, LoyaltyPlant is clearly attempting to become the market leader in Central Asia for its advantageous features and its affordability.

LoyaltyPlant now has an office in Central Asia, and is bringing new technologies to its Asian partners. Two mobile loyalty programs have already been launched in Kyrgyzstan using the app. The first one is a sports club called K2. They broadcast information about events such as climbing competitions and skiing tours through their app. Ethno-complex “Supara” is another Kyrgyz partner which offers rewards: by collecting points customers can be rewarded with a romantic dinner for two, for example. Tea-room “Cafe” is one of LoyaltyPlant’s Uzbek partners. Their mobile app is an example of a personalised, clear and easily understood business-customer communication tool. They talk directly to their customers in a friendly easy-going manner.

LoyaltyPlant uses patented technology for its services, and operates in Russia, CIS and Europe. In a world where mobile phone usage is growing for everything from internet shopping to gaming, it won’t be long before these loyalty apps become commonplace amongst the population. Who will ever remember that a mobile phone used to be just that…a phone, for making phone calls!





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