Paul Beaudry and Pathways at “America Borboru”


On October 15, 2011 AIRC “America Borboru” hosted a meeting of 50 center visitors with New York jazz band Paul Beaudry and Pathways. The band members told about their background, history of jazz and of course about Louis Armstrong. The band performed some pieces of jazz music. Being asked to perform a piece of Kyrgyz music, the Pathways played a famous Kyrgyz melody from the song “Izdeim seni” by Ryspai Abdykadyrov, which amazed the audience. The visitors asked many questions like what the musicians think about Jazz in Kyrgyzstan, will the band come back to Kyrgyzstan etc. The best questions were awarded with small gifts including a CD of the band debut album released in 2010. After the event the visitors were able to chat with the musicians, ask for the signatures and take a group photo.